GET OUT AND STAY OUT: Winter at Mountain Challenge

GET OUT AND STAY OUT: Winter at Mountain Challenge

As articulated by Outdoors is Medicine®, the outdoors provides easily accessible and profound health benefits. No surprise there. During these COVID times, the outdoors likewise provides a 10-20 times safer environment than indoors. Again, no surprise. As summer turns to fall and then fall to winter, we rush to be indoors; behavior that helps spread flu and now COVID. Still no surprise.

Some of the fine print from the Outdoors is Medicine® Outdoor Prescription – “Being out in all weather conditions (provided they’re safe of course!) can be beneficial.”

Go outdoors in the rain? In winter? Now there’s a surprise. But we’ll help.

We plan to continue in-person, small batch programming between the fall and spring semesters. (click HERE to sign up). As space allows we’d love to see fac/staff out there too.

If you’re out of the area, we would remind you that you can still get outside – think remote Mountain Challenge (more info below).

This winter – get out and stay out. We’ll help.

It’s the right thing to do.

Remote Mountain Challenge

Here’s the plan:

  • You choose an event that you can do right where you are.
  • Then you get the event approved by Tyson ([email protected]) or Bruce ([email protected]before you go.
  • You verify completion vis some agreed upon method: pictures, another person, etc.

That’s it – pretty simple.