Second Principles


Have Fun  Doing what we enjoy shows itself in all the things that we do. No other single supporting principle has as much impact on quality as this one. When we no longer enjoy our work, we’re done…even if we’re still employed. And don’t be fooled by our bicycles and running shoes – we work hard.


Establish Difficult Goals  We need to get ourselves out of the habit of thinking in incremental changes. Average goals yield average outcomes. Individually and collectively we are more capable than we realize. Difficult goals make dreams come true.


 Expect It of Ourselves  We teach clients many lessons. Among them are that the “oh no” moments in life signal important events and that new outcomes require different approaches. If we teach it, we should try to do it.


 Foster Flexibility   We cannot separate our work life from our personal life. The quality of our lives extends beyond office hours. We should run when we can, ski when there’s snow on the ground and go to the playground with our kids whenever we can. We also expect our work to get done. Supporting a flexible workplace will allow us to prosper.


Be Sustainable Stay light and keep things simple. Stay focused on our mission. We should be the right size. Financially, we should be profitable while realizing that how we earn our money is as important as how much money we earn and spend. We must live within our means.


Grow and Take Care of Our Staff Our staff is our most valuable resource. Trust professional staff to make professional judgments. Enhance staff competencies through training and development.


 Believe in What We Do The experience is powerful. We do make an impact. One more step. We just have to believe. We are changing the world.


 Work to Create Loyalty Pay attention to all of our critical relationships – with our customers, with our strategic partners and with our staff. Listen, be honest, and follow-up. Measure success by the quality of our relationships.