Our Staff

Thursday, 12:30 p.m. A dozen or so of our staff members are sitting in rocking chairs, Chaco-tanned feet propped up on the coffee table, talking and cracking jokes. Others are sitting Indian-style on the rug, eating their lunches. Welcome to our weekly staff meetings.

We’re not exactly your average office staff. We are college students with majors that run the gamut. We come from all over the country and travel all over the world. As diverse as we are, we have a few key things in common: a zealous passion for being fit, playing outside, and changing lives. Being a staff member here is unlike any other job on campus or elsewhere—you get paid to play outside. We’re also one of the few businesses that allow students to hold managerial positions in areas like operations, creative services, and corporate social responsibility. We understand and appreciate the value of our student staff. But we also ask and expect a lot of them. We ask them to think critically and act according to their own judgment. We give them the latitude to make their own decisions based on whatever circumstances they happen to be dealing with. We expect them to be competent, creative, and flexible so as to facilitate the most meaningful experiences possible for our participants.