MC Girls

Encouraging women to spend time in the outdoors to enhance their health, happiness, and appreciation of nature.


We welcome any and all women at the college to come be Fit, Green, and Happy with us! Attend as many or as few trips as you wish. For each trip you attend, your name enters the raffle once to win cool gifts at the end-of-the-year MC Lunch and Appreciation. The more trips you join us on, the more chances you receive at winning these gifts that include MC Girls stickers, T-shirts, and Adidas wear.


Trip Dates

April 6th- 7th: Backpacking (introductory) 12pm-12pm




Studies find that women spend less time outdoors on average than men, both locally and nation-wide. Findings further suggest that women who spent less time outside during adolescence are less physically active upon aging into adulthood. We’d like to change that. We offer unique, exciting, and valuable exercise experiences that surpass the norm. Let’s alter the statistics together!



Have you ever found yourself smiling while studying on a blanket in the grass? Ever gone on a walk on a sunny day and felt your mood brighten like the light shining down on you? These feelings aren’t random. The outdoors is a profound cure to everyday stress. So don’t distress. Instead, de-stress. Come clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!



Green trees. Glassy waters. Chiseled boulders. Comfy yoga mats. You can find all these things and much more as we journey our backyard together. Come experience and appreciate all of the bliss that nature offers. Join us if you’re interested in some active sun-bathing, forest-bathing, and nature-bathing!



Sign up for trips in Crawford House at Maryville College!