The Marshmallow Conversations

The Marshmallow Conversations

We do attract a certain kind of person at Mountain Challenge – independent, resilient, active, self-directed. And we are a diverse bunch. And we know we are not for everyone.

Others describe us as open, welcoming, and the “antidote to white supremacy”. Yet for some our trips and events are not welcoming. Clearly we can do more.

Look at it this way. You can be a dinner guest with an open, welcoming, gracious host and still not like the meal (think Brussel sprouts, asparagus, and beef liver perhaps??!!). What’s missing of course is just one extra question – “What would you like for dinner?”

Introducing the Marshmallow Conversations; our attempt to ask the extra questions. Using the Mountain Challenge social responsibility platform Fit.Green.Happy.®, we plan to hold a series of conversations beginning this fall and going into the spring. We want to ask individuals and their
communities the next questions about getting outside.

Here are the particulars:
– As people have done for eons, we’ll gather around a campfire (fire pits for us). We’ll provide coffee, hot chocolate, and of course, marshmallows.
– As with all our events, we’ll meet in small batches using sign ups, limited enrollment, and sign ins to assure good distancing and COVID safety. Check out the schedule here —

 The questions:
o What does it mean for you to be physically active?
o What is “outdoors” for you?
o What does it mean to be a good Environmental Citizen?
o What intentional things do you do to improve your personal happiness?