First Principles


People perceive some of our activities as dangerous. Sometimes those perceptions are accurate. Because there can be real danger involved, we take extraordinary safety precautions. If our participants don’t feel safe, nothing else will happen. We rely on our staff to make sound safety judgments.

Our Safety Measure:

 We expect 99.85% of our courses to be incident free. Our definition of an incident is opening our first aid kit.


We insist on quality in everything that we do. Yvon Chouinard said, “Quality is not something that can be pursued piecemeal. Either you believe in it or you don’t; either it surfaces everywhere or it likely won’t be seen anywhere.” For us, certain links have become obvious – between the quality of our courses, customer service, our workplace and the lives of our staff. If we miss any piece, there is a good chance we’ll miss it all. We embrace high standards.

Our Quality Measure:

On a 5.0- point course client evaluation scale, we expect a 4.75+ overall satisfaction rating.