Down to Earth

We call all our efforts to take care of where we work and play “being down to earth.” Reducing, reusing, recycling and educating others about sustainability are behaviors that we are passionate about. These efforts include:

• Recycling plastic, paper, aluminum and cardboard, diverting 85 percent of the house’s waste stream from the landfill

• Programming thermostats and hot water heaters so they’re working only during office hours.

• Using CFC bulbs, wherever possible.

• Installing dual-flush toilets, which save between 40 and 70 percent of water compared to other units.

• Constructing furniture and décor out of retired equipment and structures.

• Offering a pesticide-free garden for use by faculty and staff.

• Using rainwater collected from 4 rain barrels to water gardens and landscaping.

• Unplugging computers, power strips, and other electrical devises at the end of the day.

• Selecting environmentally friendly office supplies, cleaners, paint, floor protectants, etc.

• Using a “Green Vendor Survey” for Mountain Challenge vendors and making 80 percent of purchases from local and/or sustainable vendors.

• Donating 1 percent of course fees to Maryville College for environmental initiatives.