MC Girls

Encouraging women to spend time in the outdoors to enhance their health, happiness, and appreciation of nature.


              We welcome all women at the college to come experience nature with us! You can join us on as many or as few trips as you wish. Depending on the number of trips you have participated in with MC Girls you will receive some cool gifts at our end of the semester lunch and appreciation. Which could include: MC Girl’s stickers, T-Shirts, etc.


Trip Dates

            25th: 1-5pm Rock climbing 


            15th: 7:25-10pm Night hike with sunset/star gazing 


            8th: 1-5pm Caving 

            21st: 12:30pm Guest speakers at Crawford House


            4th: 7:30-8:30pm Night yoga



Sign up for trips in Crawford House at Maryville College!